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Random Act of Kindness Day donation ideas
Credit Valley Hospital Foundation
If you want to make a donation to The Credit Valley Hospital Foundation in Thomas' name -- or in anyone's name -- this is the site. We're so thankful to all those who have donated money to the Special Care Nursery at the hospital in Thomas' name. It makes us proud to know that because of Thomas other babies may have a chance at a healthier start to their lives.

Vita Manor
This is the site for an organization that helps young, unwed Mothers prepare for the birth and care of their children. It's a great organization and one that has special meaning to us after all we've been through.

St. Martin's Manor
St. Martin's Manor provides resources for pregnant and parenting teens/young women in much the same way as does Vita Manor. If you want to donate some money and you're looking for a worthy cause, this or Vita Manor may be what you've been searching for...